Ethel is awesome.

Meet Ethel. A vivacious woman who can knit like it’s nobody’s business. I casually met her the other day during one of my photo shoots near Washington Square Park. She started chatting up my client, and actually remarked about how handsome she thought he was with a twinkle in her eye…She motioned to herself and then leaned in and said, “At my age, you take what you can get!” Her fiery wit exploded and we laughed for a good 15 minutes as she pointed out all of the fine workmanship of her Senior Citizen peers from the Greenwich House. All of the designs were playful with eye catching colors. I convinced my client to buy one for his girl friend after Ethel kindly draped it over my neck to show how pretty it would look (as if we were at Macy’s), and after a little NYC bargaining he shelled out some cash. Ethel was pleased with her first sale of the day! How could you not buy something from this awesome woman?