Poetry Reading at the KGB Bar

Entering the KGB Bar in the East Village you will find a steep, dilapidated stairwell leading to a former speakeasy for Ukrainian Socialists. You can still feel a double-locked door vibe as you enter, feeling as though you are going to get tapped on the shoulder and whisked away at any moment. However, having visited Ukraine within the past 6 months, I felt right at home within its crimson painted walls.

Nowadays, it is a place to listen to writers spill their souls out in front of vodka-drinking locals. It is dimly lit by a single lamp on the podium, which bathes the speaker in chiaroscuro light.  Immediately the audience gets sucked into the feeling of the prose and poetry that is being shared.  Not a sound, not a whisper is heard. All eyes in the room are poised on them, ears pinned toward the front of the room. These are all talented writers – each unique, each one an amazing storyteller. This room has power and one purpose – to subdue you into submission.

Writers pictured below: George Hackett, Andy Christie, Sarah Bridgins, B.C. Edwards and Kyle Erickson. For more information about these writers and the KGB Bar, please click here: http://kgbbar.com/calendar/events/sideshow_goshko25/